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Hi! I am Iva,
your language teacher and a podcast host.

Let me help you find the right key to unlock your potential.

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Join me and my guests on Exlander to listen to real life stories about all the joys and challenges of settling abroad.

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"A great podcast with a pleasant voice"

"Very professional! Well-structured topics and interesting guests"

"Finally someone who understands the expat experience with all its ups and downs"

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Do you run a business working with expats, relocation services or offer any products appealing to my audience? Are you an expat and want to promote your projects or business? Or do you wish to cooperate in any other way? Get in touch with me for more information.

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My 10+ years of experience as a language teacher across different cultures in various countries have helped me understand what difficulties and challenges students face when learning a new language and how specific those may be for each one of you.

Let me guide you through the learning process towards excellent results.

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